Empowering the
Next Generation:
Youth Skills

Our Youth Skills Competition is a dynamic platform for young talents to demonstrate their skills, creativity, and potential. This competition is tailored for individuals eager to showcase their abilities in various tech and innovation fields.

How to

We aim to create a sustainable and thriving environment for tech development in Pakistan. By bringing together local talents, industry leaders, and global tech visionaries, the roadshow will serve as a platform for:
  • Eligibility: Open to young individuals aged 18-30
  • Registration Process: Complete the online registration form with details of your skillset and proposed project.


The roadshow will journey across Pakistan, stopping in major tech hubs, including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and more. Each city will host a series of events tailored to its unique tech landscape.
  • Skills Categories: Graphics, Social Media Management, To be added
  • Awards: Recognition certificates, mentorship sessions, cash prize and job opportunities.

Future Fest has been an amazing experience; we met so many local startups and ecosystem players. We have been able to discover how to softland our company Takadao in Pakistan – the opportunity is massive, we see that there’s a huge young population who is interested in knowing how we build our Takaful insurance company and also in adopting our solution when we launch in Pakistan.

~ Morrad Irsane, CEO & Co-founder, Takadao

Future Fest 2022 had the most epic lineup of speakers as well as the top music artists from Pakistan. We look forward to partnering up again for Future Fest 2023.~ Graana

We’ve seen very diverse audience and had interesting conversations and meetings with many Pakistani companies. Future Fest is an amazing event and we look forward to attending more editions in the future. It is an extraordinary platform to attract international companies looking to do business in Pakistan and also international companies looking to outsource work.

~ Wael Abdulmoty Mohammed Hussain, COO, Hala Payments

It’s the first time for me and my team visiting Pakistan. It’s been a wonderful experience. We’ve met hundreds of people. We’ve learned a lot about the Pakistani ecosystem and the edtech vertical, the industry we’re in. This visit has been a great validation that we should be visiting Pakistan again. I would like to thank Future Fest and our partners at DCO for this incredible opportunity.

~ Khalid Abou Kassem, Founder & CEO, AlGooru

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